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LUTHERIE 2017   The 19th annual spring seminar for violinmakers Saturday April 29th 2017 10.30-16.30 Barnbygate Methodist Church, Barnbygate, Newark upon trent, Notts, NG24 1PX,  UK

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LUTHERIE 2017  Last minute details

Barnbygate Methodist Church, Newark NG24 1PX

Saturday 29th April 2017 1030-430

This year we are trying something new!

Session 3 will be an interactive question and answer session with both Phillip Ihle and Robert Brewer-Young. The session will comprise questions from the floor and questions pre-submitted by the LUTHERIE registrants LIKE YOURSELF!

YOU are invited to send in a question beforehand.

Please reply to this e-mail with your question. It can be about anything related to our craft. We cannot guarantee it will be asked but here’s your chance to pick the brains of two very highly regarded experts so don’t hold back!

Other information


Seminar Tickets

You do not need a ticket for the seminar. Just give your name/s to the person at the desk in the foyer on arrival.


A buffet lunch will be provided in the adjacent hall.  We do our best to cater for everybody and the Violin School students also contribute a lot of wonderful food. If you prefer, there are plenty of good eating places nearby.

The first speaker is at 10.30. Please arrive in good time in order that the seminar can start punctually. Refreshments are available from 9.45am in the adjacent hall.  PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 0930. We will do our best to keep to schedule and finish at 4.30pm.

Please help to keep the event on time by sitting down well in advance of each session.

Display of instruments.

  1. If you are bringing instruments for display, please note the security arrangements:

  1. Please take your instrument and case to the person on duty at the display table at the back of the church and sign it in either before 10.30 or during the lunch break.

  1. Please attach some form of identification to the case and instrument beforehand.

  1. Unless you specify otherwise, it will be assumed that you are happy for your instrument to be handled and played.

  1. The exhibition will be supervised and not open to the general public however, it is not possible to control the access completely during the breaks. You are advised that instruments are left at the owner’s risk. Please ensure that you have appropriate insurance cover.

  1. Do not remove your instrument without signing it out.

Donations to Luthiers sans Frontieres UK’s Mission to Haiti 2017

Please read this important message from LSF volunteer Julie Folio

I'm Julie Folio, luthier in York. I am writing to you on behalf of Luthier sans Frontieres-UK (Violin makers without Borders), an organization based in Great Britain.

Monika Gapinska (luthier in Zurich) and myself are now in charge of a project in Haiti : in 2015, our team of luthiers: Julie Folio, Monika Gapinska and Robert Cain (teacher at the Newark School of Violin Making), flew to Cap Haitian and Cange to teach a dozen eager students restoration techniques and to donate much needed tools. Thanks to many donations from workshops, companies and Newark students, we managed to go again last summer, having most of our Haitian students back and new ones ready to learn more.

This project is a key for music in Haiti. As many instruments are donated every year to the several music schools in Haiti, they need to learn how to repair them and maintain them in good condition. This summer, we aim to extend our stay to continue to train these building violin makers, who already perform simple and advanced repairs for their music schools, in more advanced repairs and set ups through a more informed and structured curriculum.

For the past two years that I've been involved in this project, donations helped so much and this is the reason I'm writing to you today.

With your help, we can provide the next generation of luthiers with the tools and equipment they need. Our project would mainly use tools, strings and fittings for bowed instrument, which we hope you could supply. We would give prominent publicity to this fact in all our promotional material such as our blog (https://lutheriehaitilsf.wordpress.com/) and website http://www.lsf-uk.org/ as well as brochures and publicity leaflets.

It may be that you have other ideas that you would like to discuss with us, we are open for your ideas.

A donation of any size, whether financial, discounts or material will grant the opportunity for these talented Haitian artisans to realize their full potential.

Our Mission aims to provide training, tools and equipment to local music school students in Haiti at the yearly Summer Music Camp.

More precisely we're looking for new or second hand tools and fittings : 

- Bridges
- Tail pieces
- Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass)
- End pin, Button
- Top Nut
- Pegs
- Peg shaper/reamer
- Files 
- Planes/scrapers
- Knives
- Chisels... (Any tools really)
- Set up tools
- Bow hair
- Sharpening stones

Mainly, that would be anything you don't use anymore or that you don't want to use or sell because this tool is too blunt, not precise enough or has a defect etc... All those things would be really really useful to us and our student.

It would be great if you can bring any of those to LUTHERIE 2017, if you can't, you can still send it at the Violin School, there's no problem with this.
I'll come to you on Saturday.

Thank you so much !


Julie Folio

Trade stands

We have more trade stands than ever selling everything for the violinmaker and plenty of time during the breaks to shop. Barnes and Mullins will have a sale of discounted strings. Check the website for the latest details:- www.violinmaking.co.uk

Car Parking

You are welcome to park in the College car park in Bedehouse lane NG241PU. Please note that the college does not accept any responsibility for cars or contents left in the cark park. For the location see the LUTHERIE website www.violinmaking.co.uk

Car park google map reference:-


Evening Concert

Don’t forget the wonderful evening concert featuring the Trent Chamber Academy at 7.30pm on Friday and Saturday. Information at www.violinmaking.co.uk

I hope you have a very pleasant day.

Robert Cain, Lutherie 2017 organiser

(01636)700295      Mobile: 078 378 450 44        info@violinmaking.co.uk

Last minute information will be posted at www.violinmaking.co.uk please check it before the day.